Aquarium Maintenance

Regular and Routine Maintenance is key to ensuring healthy water parameters and happy fishes. In reality, maintaining an aquarium can be rather cumbersome and require lots of time and knowledge. While most individuals are equipped with the skillset to do the regular basic maintenance, SS Aquarium has a team of professionals with the essential tools and equipment to assist you in these maintenance.

Our team can visit your homes, offices or pond monthly/ based on appointment basis to perform the following maintenance:

    • Changing Water

    • Cleaning of Tank walls

    • Washing of Filter Media when necessary

    • Removing all Algae and Harmful Bacteria

    • Dosing of Beneficial Bacteria to promote healthier water

    • Ensuring pump is in good condition

    • Providing you with instant fish and water transfer (add on)

We have a series of maintenance packages for individuals / offices, with highly affordable rates payable every month/annually.

Do contact our staff for more info!

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