Fiberglass Tank [FGT]

Fibreglass is a form of fiber-reinforced plastic where glass fiber such as chopped strand mat & woven roving are bonded together by resins to form a whole unit without joint and is highly suitable for outdoor environment. It is often used in the marine and automobile industry due to its high water resistance and high strength to weight ratio.

SS aquarium specialises in custom-made Fibreglass Tanks to different size, shape and colour. All works are done in-house by our Fibreglass works experts.

Benefits of Fibreglass Tank

  • Extremely Suitable for outdoor/ balcony aquariums
  • Fibreglass Tank can withstand the heat and any rain
  • It is extremely strong and can be customised even up to 60ft long (20M)
  • Multi-Purpose Tank (Water Storage Tank, Aquariums, Dogs Swimming Pool, Aquaponics, Ponds)
  • Low cost compared to Glass Aquariums
  • Amazing substitute at a fraction of a cost VS traditional concrete ponds
  • Highly customisable : Shape, Size, Color

We have 2 types of Fibreglass Tanks;

  1. Standard Fibreglass Tank
  2. Premium Fibreglass Tank (Reinforced by wood/steel internally)

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