Premium Fiberglass Tank (FGT)

Premium Fibreglass Tank was launched in 2015.

Throughout the years, we have gathered feedbacks from numerous customers and improved our Fibreglass Tank design and quality.

Manufactured with wood(below 8ft) & Steel(Abv 8ft) as the base mold and laminated with fiberglass CSM and woven roving internally and externally.

Benefits of Premium Fibreglass Tank


  • Full Top & Front View
  •  Marine Grade ISO Gelcoat
  • All Gelcoat are polish to shine providing both aesthetic and also ease of maintenance due to smooth finishing.
  • 90 degrees edges
  • Ease of wrapping external for aesthetic purposes (Tiles, WPC, Formica)
  • Extremely huge piece of viewing panel
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Able to customise any shape and size up to 45ft (15M)

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